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CHV journalist who denounced threats to the director of a school in Iquique suffers brutal aggression

Cristián Núñez, also a journalist, reported that his colleague Hans Gotterbarm was brutally assaulted a few days ago in Iquique.

Through his Twitter account, Núñez reported that “subjects stabbed him, broke his arm and robbed him.” And he pointed out that Gotterbarm will enter the pavilion this afternoon and that he “is seriously hospitalized in Iquique.”

Later it was specified that the professional is out of vital risk, but recovering from serious injuries.

It is worth mentioning that on May 12, Gotterbarm was intimidated from a vehicle, after denouncing the threats suffered by the director of the Admiral Carlos Condell Sea Institute, in Iquique.

“A red tinted vehicle approached a few minutes ago. They turned around, stood in front of us, lowered the glass in a very intimidating way, recorded us for a few minutes and then left,” said Gotterbarm himself while making the dispatch .

This situation would have repeated the day before. “A vehicle pulls up, stops in front of us, turns around and then comes back. He rolls down the glass and we could see a young man inside this car.”

So far no link has been established between the two events.

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