Christmas: What entities offer credit cards with lower rates to finance your purchases?

Christmas: What entities offer credit cards with lower rates to finance your purchases?

The they are synonymous with multiple purchases, including decoration, gifts and food. To finance all this expense, it is common to opt for a credit card. And it is important to take into account what rates are offered by financial institutions to get the most out of them.

The Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) makes available to users the financing costs associated with the credit cards offered by financial entities.

As of December 6, 2021, the lowest average interest rate in soles is held by Banco de Comercio, with an annual rate of 29.66% for its credit cards.

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Behind is BanBif, which offers an average rate of 30%; the Scotiabank, with a rate of 37.01%; the BCP with an average rate of 37.92%; Banco Pichincha, with a rate of 39.1%; and Banco GNB, with an average annual rate of 39.48%.

Further down the list is Banco BBVA, with its average rate of 49.17%; Financiera Crediscotia, with a rate of 54.74%; Interbank, with a rate of 57%; the Financiera Oh !, with an average annual rate of 59%; and Financiera Efectiva and Banco Ripley, both with an average annual rate of 69.83%.

Finally, the list is completed by Banco Falabella, with an average annual rate of 70.15%; and the rural savings bank Cencosud Scotia, with its rate of 82.28%.


There are financial entities that charge a membership fee for their credit cards. As of August 29, 2020, an SBS rule came into effect that modifies the regulation of Market Conduct Management of the Financial System.

This rule requires issuing companies to have, at least, one card that does not charge the annual membership commission.


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