Christmas Eve in the Congo: this was Lacalle Pou’s dinner with the blue helmets

The President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, dined on the night of this 24 with the Uruguayan blue helmets who are at the “Always Present” base, in the city of Goma.

President Lacalle Pou dined with the Uruguayan peacekeepers in Goma

Afternoon was received with songs of “Uruguay, Uruguay”, For several children of the orphanage “L’amour” of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in an activity included in his visit for the holidays to members of the Armed Forces who carry out peacekeeping missions in the African country. The video was shared on Twitter by the nationalist mayor Diego Rodríguez, who said that “it is a pride for all Uruguayans to have a president like @LuisLacallePou.”

In the video you can see several blue helmets, military that support the missions of the United Nations (UN). The L’amour orphanage “receives constant help” from the Uruguayan Army present in the Congo, according to the force on its social networks.

President is this December 24 in Goma, where he visits the Uruguayan Army, which has a total of 792 national military personnel in the African country. On December 25, Christmas will be spent in Bukavu, where the last Uruguayan Air Force base is located, with 46 troops. On December 26, he will begin his return to Uruguay.

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