Christian Democratic Party candidate says he will surprise

Christian Democratic Party candidate says he will surprise

Retired General Carlos Jara González, a presidential candidate for the Christian Democratic Party, told 1020AM that he wants to be president to do something good for the country.

Jara assured that he can surprise and emerge victorious since he has very good proposals for the Paraguayans, in addition to not having any intention of doing anything wrong.

He said in contact with Ñandutí that he wants to be President because he is deeply hurt by the economic and moral crisis in Paraguay in recent years. He pointed out that they have solid proposals to solve the multidimensional problems of the country and to promote standards different from the politics that we are used to.

“We want to convey to the people and make them feel it in their hearts that the proposal we have can represent change for this noble, long-suffering and heroic people,” said the candidate.

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