Chinese rocket that was going to fall in Bogotá, what finally happened?

The alleged fall of a Chinese rocket or the remains of the rocket in the capital of Colombia, It alarmed not only the authorities, but hundreds of people who were afraid that an emergency would occur.

It was about the Long March 5B that, according to European Aviation Safety Agencythe decline could not be controlled.

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The return took place last Saturday, July 30, and it ended up being recorded over the Indian Ocean, very close to Malaysia and not over Bogotá, as was said at some point.

Although there were versions that it would fall in southern Europe, some experts assured that the remains of the 21-ton rocket could fall in Bogotábeing one of the cities with the highest probability of an impact.

exactly the doctor Michael Byers, Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Columbia University, revealed in an investigation that there are some cities in the world more likely to receive these stellar rights due to their location.

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The research used data from satellite catalogs from more than 30 years ago to calculate the fall of parts of the rockets, which return to earth in an uncontrolled manner.

“Jakarta, Dhaka, Mexico City, Bogota and Lagos are at least three times more likely than Washington, DC, New York, Beijing and Moscow of a rocket body re-entering it,” the investigation indicates.

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