China calls on the US to work for world peace

Chinese President Xi Jinping told his US counterpart Joe Biden on Monday that the two countries should work together to stabilize their bilateral relations and also ensure peace in the world.

At the beginning of the videoconference talks, the dignitary advocated that both powers assume their responsibilities in the face of the current challenges of the planet.

“The Ukraine crisis is something we don’t want to see. These events again show us that countries should not reach the point of meeting on a battlefield. Conflict and confrontation are not in anyone’s interests, and peace and security are what the international community should treasure,” he stated.

Likewise, Xi specified that as members of the Security Council of the United Nations Organization and the main economies of the world, China and the United States must redirect their ties on the right path and join forces in pursuit of global tranquility.

The leaders hold their second virtual meeting this Friday, after Biden arrived at the White House.

A few hours ago, a government official told the Global Times on anonymity that Xi would stress to Biden Beijing’s position on relations with Washington and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

As he advanced, the head of state will emphasize that China will never accept threats or coercion regarding the crisis in the European country, as well as his resolution to respond if his interests are damaged.

Xi will urge Biden to honor his word not to pursue a Cold War, try to change China’s system, form alliances against China, support Taiwan independence or provoke conflict, the source added.

Previously, the two presidents had their first conversation last November and that meeting injected a conciliatory tone to seek a turn in relations, although each party made notes on their positions on high-friction issues.

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