Chile Vamos and its somersault: decides not to attend the constituent meeting this Thursday and summons the Government

Last Monday, the presidents of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, Álvaro Elizalde and Raúl Soto, announced that they had reached agreements in the meeting between the political parties to guide the new constitutional process.

Hours later, and after the declarations of the Government spokesperson, Camila Vallejo, who communicated that “the sum of the wills of the different parties has managed to democratically channel this new constituent process that will have an elected body, with independents, PP.OO , parity and with the support of experts and experts”; Chile Vamos distanced itself from these approaches.

“We consider regrettable the declarations of government ministers and official officials who seek to precipitate results, putting the talks and agreements under way at risk,” they indicated.

As a result of the above, the coalition, headed by the UDI presidents, Javier Macaya; RN, Francisco Chahuán and the representative of Evópoli, senator Luciano Cruz Coke, reported that they will be absent from the constituent meeting this Thursday between the different political forces. In addition, they summoned the Government so that it is not part of the dialogue table and that the member actors of the instance be reshuffled.

“We have made the decision not to attend. Announcing agreements that have not been taken is untrue. We have asked for a rescheduling and that those who are at that table be lowered,” Chahuán said.

“What is requested is that the Government does accompany; it accompanies, but it does not guide and here we have lived a few days that the Government has ruled. I spoke with Ana Lya Uriarte and she is speaking with their respective ministers and that will not be repeated” , he complemented.

Chile Vamos sends a letter to the president of the Senate, Álvaro Elizalde

The purpose of the letter sent to the president of the Senate, Álvaro Elizalde, lies in requesting three aspects:

The first, to postpone the meeting from Thursday to Friday, in order to “expose serenity and certainty in our proposals to the public.”

The second of them is that “the composition of the instance be reconsidered”, so that it “expresses the proportionality of representation that the different parties have in the National Congress.”

In the last point they point out that the meeting is an instance “prior to any agreement”, so it must be of “exclusive parliamentary participation without the presence of the Executive”.

Regarding a modification of the members of the table, Chahuán commented that “the forces that triumphed and represent those parties will have to take the leading role that is required and make the respective proposals. It is a decision made, RN at least does not go under no circumstance.”

For his part, the leader of the UDI, Javier Macaya, declared that the decision not to attend “is not about slamming doors, we continue with the commitment but for us it is very important to have conversations with the people who built this triumph. There are people that from the center-left they contributed to the Rejection, so having conversations with them is very important. And we fulfill the commitments, that there be no doubt about having a new and good Constitution that is still in force.”

Regarding the role of the Government, he pointed out that “it is prudent that the Government is not at the table at this stage, they themselves have indicated that they are going to be collaborators, it will be present at some point, but now when conversations are being held we seems appropriate (not to participate)”.

Evópoli’s representative, senator Luciano Cruz Coke said that “sometimes by trying to settle a quick agreement, pointing out that an agreement has been reached when it has not been taken, what it does is finally dent the faith of the talks.”

“What Minister Vallejo has done does not correspond to reality and we have asked the president of the Senate to postpone the meeting, we will not attend this Thursday, and that it is necessary that the Government not be in the talks,” he concluded.

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