Chile and Bolivia hold a meeting to address the migration crisis

Chile and Bolivia hold a meeting to address the migration crisis

This Friday, via videoconference, a meeting was held between the authorities of the Republic of Chile and the Plurinational State of Bolivia to discuss matters of common interest related to cross-border cooperation between the two countries.

The Chilean delegation was made up of Foreign Minister (s) Rodrigo Yáñez; the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado; the Undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli; the National Director of Borders and Limits and Designated Undersecretary of Foreign Relations of the next Government of Chile, Ximena Fuentes; on behalf of Bolivia, the Minister of Government, Eduardo Del Castillo Del Carpio; the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Integration, Benjamín Blanco; the Vice Minister of Institutional and Consular Management, Eva Chuquimia and the General Director of Migration, Katherine Calderón.

Both delegations agreed on the importance of this new stage of bilateral relations that is being developed within the framework of the Roadmap agreed between both governments on April 30, 2021.

Likewise, the authorities of both countries present at the meeting agreed to start three binational working groups in the coming days, to address the following border problems:

  • Smuggling and illegal trade,
  • immigration issues,
  • Trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, as well as activating the Working Group on Police Cooperation, as soon as possible.

Both parties agreed to address these issues and move forward, within the framework of a State policy, towards solutions that make it possible to combat organized transnational crime, with particular emphasis on smuggling and migration control.

For his part, the Foreign Minister (s) of Chile announced his willingness to sign a cooperation framework agreement for the surveillance, control and fight against smuggling as soon as possible.

Finally, both delegations highlighted the common will to strengthen cooperation on the border in the areas indicated and continue deepening the relationship between both nations.

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