Chiclayo: They were armed and said they were going to "work" when they were hanging around a tap

Chiclayo: They were armed and said they were going to “work” when they were hanging around a tap

Walter Iván Benites Paredes, 47 years old, alias “Pirata” and Carlos Gonzáles Campos (20), known in the underworld as “Chibolo”, were arrested at 3:15 in the morning, when they were loitering suspiciously , aboard the M2D-691 taxi car, a tap located at the intersection of Prolongación Bolognesi avenue and Arequipa street, in .

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Agents from the Northern police station, who were carrying out operations in the area, under the command of PNP Lieutenant Wilson Oliver Quispe Aliaga, upon noticing the individuals who were in front of the “Petro Perú” tap, proceeded to intervene. It was learned that at first, the suspects, noticing the police presence, tried to flee, failing to achieve their objective.

The uniformed officers quickly carried out a personal and vehicular search, finding under the driver and passenger seats two pistols with their respective magazines, one was stocked with five ammunition and the other with three 38-millimeter caliber bullets.

They immediately arrested both of them and framed them, to later transfer them to the delegation, where they are investigated for the alleged crime against public safety in the form of illegal possession of firearms.

The detectives do not rule out that the detainees have been hanging around the gas station, to later assault the tap employees and take a large sum of money. It was learned that the bandits have a series of police records, after being accused of committing the crime against property in its various modalities.

“Chibolo” and “Pirata” in their defense indicated that at that time of the morning they were working, but they did not specify what type of work they were doing, even more so if they were well armed.


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