Chiclayo: Couple threatens hoteliers with a gun to give them a room

Chiclayo: Couple threatens hoteliers with a gun to give them a room

In various operations, the Police from different police stations of the II Police Region captured three men allegedly immersed in different crimes.

One of the detainees is David Centurión Segovia, 25 years old, who was arrested when, in an apparent state of intoxication, he arrived at the “Casa Blanca” suite located on Agriculture Avenue in the José Leonardo Ortiz district, where he threatened to kill the workers with a firearm, to be let into a room.

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The aggrieved requested the support of the agents of the Atusparia police station, who upon arrival entered and found Centurión Segovia in room No. 10 in the company of the young Diana Tantalean Acuña.

When making a personal search of the individual, they found a gun stocked with seven ammunition, also a pistol next to the toilet, which he said he bought in the gun for S / 1,000. He was framed.


In another operation they arrested Ronald Ever Ruiz Vásquez (38), accused of committing the alleged crime of attempted murder. According to the police report, armed with a kitchen knife, he tried to murder Milagros Elizabeth Huidobro Díaz (49). She fell at the intersection of Virrey Toledo and Sucre streets in the populous Leonardino district, in her possession she had a knife and had alcoholic breath.

While in the Pampa El Toro sector of the Tumán district, Luis Fernando Rojas Rimarachín (25) was arrested for having a replica of a firearm at his waist. He and a group of “friends” were in motorcycle taxis, but when they noticed the police presence they tried to flee, all of them being caught. José Alexander Zapata Gil (21) was also captured, when he was found with a stolen cell phone.

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