CBI will deliver report with or without statements by Cartes says Querey

CBI will deliver report with or without statements by Cartes says Querey

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) appointed the criminal guarantee judge Raúl Florentín as the person in charge of resolving the judicial aid presented by the Bilateral Investigation Commission (CBI). With this, the agency seeks to force the presence and declaration of Horacio Cartes, former President of the Republic, about some cases of money laundering that affect his business group.

Pedro Ovelar, lawyer for Horacio Cartes, former president of the Republic, told 730 AM last Friday that they are awaiting what the judge decides to hear the arguments for one resolution or another. The verdict is expected to be known today. But he clarified that their intention is only to respond in writing to the queries. “We are going to appeal, I have my arguments and I consider that it is appealable,” he said.

Given this situation, Jorge Querey, a national senator for the Guasu Front and president of the CBI, stated that this shows that the former president simply does not want to testify. “That was already visible to all, despite the fact that it could have been done in a practical, simple and straightforward way, all the noise would have already passed, he thinks that it can be put above the National Constitution. Lawyers will look for ways to find ways or shortcuts to achieve their clients’ intentions,” he noted.

The legislator argued that if the judge orders, even the public force can be used to force the former president to go before the CBI. Or a punishment such as a fine or house arrest for 15 days can be established. “We could close the report without having Cartes appear. At the end of the day, the important thing is that you leave statements that you might have about the questions that we ask you. Secondly, you can also avoid responding by relying on article 18 of the National Constitution to avoid self-incrimination”, he stated.

It is estimated that the report will be finished in two to three more weeks. There are already extensive documents collected in recent years by Senabico, Seprelad, Senac and Senad that will help in the drafting of the conclusion.

Avalos Marino

Jorge Ávalos Mariño, deputy for the PLRA and member of the CBI, affirmed for his part that the new call for Horacio Cartes is set for this Tuesday, September 6. “We notify them in advance, at the CBI we do not agree that they declare in writing,” he said.

He emphasized that if Cartes’ defense appeals the measure, they will resort to the next instance. “This is not about Cartes, to defend the Commission we must arbitrate all the agencies,” he said.

Finally, he said that critics of the CBI are not very familiar with the work they do. “There are requests for reports that refer to different scenarios. What comes out public in many of these issues is linked to Cartes. For example, the Iranian-Venezuelan plane that was linked to Tabesa”, he concluded.

On August 2, Cartes was due to appear before the CBI, but he excused himself from participating, alleging that he was a senator for life.

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