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Check the agenda of presidential candidates for this Saturday (10/8)

This is the agenda of candidates who are in the second round of the presidential race. Election will be on October 30th.Check the agenda of presidential candidates for this Saturday (10/8)

Jair Bolsonaro (PL): The candidate will participate in the celebrations of the River Pilgrimage of the Círio de Nossa Senhora de Nazaré, in Belém. The schedule starts at 6:45 am.

Lula (EN): The candidate will go for a walk, at 10 am, in Campinas (SP), accompanied by the candidate for vice president Geraldo Alckmin, and the candidate for governor of the state of São Paulo for the PT, Fernando Haddad. The concentration will be at Largo do Pará and the walk will continue to Largo do Rosário. Before the walk, the former president will grant an interview to the press at Sindiquinze.

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