Chavismo recognizes second electoral defeat in Barinas

Chavismo recognizes second electoral defeat in Barinas

Although the electoral count has not finished, the candidate of the ruling party, Jorge Arreaza, reported through their social networks that they did not reach enough votes to achieve “the objective” recognizing the defeat of Chavismo in the state of Barinas.

“Barinas dear. The information we receive from our PSUV structures indicates that, although we increased in voting, we have not achieved the goal. I heartily thank our heroic militancy. We will continue to protect the Barinese people from all spaces”Arreaza wrote.

Under this communication, the state recognized as the “cradle of Chavismo” not only ceases to be under the mandate of a member of the Chávez family, but also It is now led by members of the political opposition.

For now, it only remains for the Venezuelan electoral authority to define which of the other candidates is the winner on this second election day in Barinas, whose first ‘version’ also resulted in the triumph of the opposition, but it was annulled for alleged irregularities.

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