Chávez accuses former attorney Cabrera of spending more than Bs 293 thousand to denounce Evo in The Hague

Chávez accuses former attorney Cabrera of spending more than Bs 293 thousand to denounce Evo in The Hague

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The Attorney General of State, Wilfredo Chávez, accused his predecessor, José María Cabrera, on Wednesday of spending just over 293,000 Bolivians in the complaint against former President Evo Morales and others before the International Criminal Court (ICC). The authority maintained that this amount corresponded to the expenses of the four people who went to The Hague, the Netherlands, to present it.

“Bs. 293,169.14 was what José Maria Cabrera and his entourage spent on the insipid trip to The Hague to present the complaint that was totally dismissed by the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan. Absurd expense of the kleptocratic dictatorship. Judge the Bolivian people,” Chavez wrote on his Twitter account.

Prior to this, the authority maintained that the court’s ruling “restored” the image of the country at the international level and compared the trip to The Hague with the one he himself made to Miami in the framework of the investigation of Arturo Murillo.

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“Four people have gone four or five days to present the lawsuit in The Hague, on vacation, right? We were locked up, we were in a pandemic, suffering and they filing the complaint, taking photos and enjoying themselves in The Hague. Four people”, he stated at a press conference.

“You know that I have gone alone to present the actions against Arturo Murillo and that sold press has not had any scruples in saying that I have gone on vacation, when I have gone alone and they said that I have been accompanied. That would do the right when he governed and he stole from the country and that press was silent about it, as it has been silent in the case of this investigation that has been buried”.

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In September 2020, the transitional government headed by Jeanine Añez denounced that, in August of that year, organizations from the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) promoted actions against the Bolivian population by coordinating blockades in various parts of the country.

The protests that were installed on roads that connected the capitals prevented the free passage of trucks with oxygen, vital for the treatment of serious patients with coronavirus. But in addition, it prevented the passage of fuel and food to the populated centers.

Last Monday, the ICC prosecutor Karim AA Khan QC concluded the preliminary examination of the complaint filed by Bolivia for these facts and determined that “an investigation is not justified” for “against humanity” in this case.

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