Chartism is not interested in the board of directors, according to Alliana

There are rumors that the “Honor Colorado” caucus (Chartism) wants to hit the board of directors of the Chamber of Deputies. It should be remembered that Carlos María López, a national deputy for the PLRA, was elected at the beginning of March for the next period that begins on July 1 and will last 12 months.

Pedro Alliana, president of the Chamber of Deputies and vice president candidate for Chartism, affirmed that on Tuesday he met with the Comptroller to organize the administrative court and also to prepare his affidavits to comply with what the law establishes regarding the term of a administrative function. In other words, with this he implied that he does not intend to continue in office.

“I categorically deny that I am interested. What I did hear is that Carlos María López’s allies want to impose their own trusted administrators from the president’s cabinet. People from the ruling party are extorting the president-elect to run the Chamber of Deputies for them,” he commented.

He stressed that they will give all the guarantees to President-elect Carlos María López when he takes office. And that they will not support a boycott if it comes from another bench.

From the opposition sector there is a fear that a conjunctural majority made up of several government supporters and some liberals intends to boycott López’s election, forcing the holding of new elections.

Jorge Brítez, an independent national deputy, warned that they will guard the defense of democracy, alluding to the victory of Carlos María López, a national deputy for the PLRA (independent caucus).

“We do not want a puppet president (referring to Alliana by Horacio Cartes). We want a president who feels the Paraguayan people. Carlos Maria is a patriot. We are going to summon the Paraguayan people to come and defend the interest of the country and not the interests of a tobacco company”, he stated.

He urged his colleagues not to hesitate before the offer of briefcases.

”We ask the Paraguayan people to be attentive. It cannot be that a liberal deputy votes against his co-religionist. We hope that the legislators of the ruling party remain firm in their positions, ”he commented.

Carlos María López himself, a national deputy for the PLRA, only described the rumors as “corridor gossip” and commented that he sees it as difficult to achieve.

“I don’t think there is a flight from the ruling party. We always talk. We are together. 53 votes are needed to review, ”she expressed.

It is rumored that the offer of Chartism is that the official Jazmín Narváez be the next president of the Lower House, with the aim that someone opposed to Cartes does not take over.

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