Charged parking confronts car attendants with the Municipality of Asunción

Charged parking confronts car attendants with the Municipality of Asunción

The Chief of Staff of the Municipality of Asunción, Federico Mora, mentioned in an interview for 1020 AM that with the implementation of paid parking, he seeks to formalize a service to democratize space in the city.

Recently, the Municipality of Asunción announced that it is expected to have a project on paid parking ready for this year, which would be implemented with a provider other than the Parxin company.

“Here the objective with this project is to reorder the spaces within the city. We know that we suffered from that for a long time. It is well known that car attendants have a monopoly on spaces informally. The idea is to change that precisely”, stated Mora.


In turn, the president of car care of Paraguay, Vicente Gómez, announced that they will go to the Municipality of Asunción to request that they be part of the new billed parking project promoted by the capital city. He indicated that there are more than 930 workers who seek to enter.

In addition, he added that the authorities must remember the people in need, since at election time they approached and asked for the vote of all of them. In total, he affirmed that they were able to collect 4,000 votes so that Óscar Nenecho Rodríguez, who now turns his back on them, wins.

“The municipality does not remember the poor people who, when they came, asked us for our votes and told us that we were going to work calmly with the company or with them,” he said.

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