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Residents of Tariquia ask Petrobras to vacate the exploration area in 48 hours

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Residents of Tariquia ask Petrobras to vacate the exploration area in 48 hours

May 19, 2024, 11:37 AM

May 19, 2024, 11:37 AM

Community members of the Tariquia National Flora and Fauna Reserve give a 48-hour ultimatum to the Petrobras company to abandon the town of Saican and cancel the preliminary activities of the Domo Oso X3 exploratory project.

In a handwritten letter, the residents of Chiquiacá Norte and Sud, Pampa Redonda and Loma Alta made this request to the representatives of the Brazilian company, André Bitar and Antonio Amado, in Bolivia.

Request eviction of the oil company Petrobras or any other company with hydrocarbon purposes in the integrated basin management and water recharge zone of the community of Saican (canton of Chiquiacá), giving them a period of 48 hours from the moment of notification,” he points out. the letter with signatures and seals.

Likewise, the community members warn that otherwise they are not responsible for what may happen. Nelly Coca and Juanita Mercado, residents of the canton of Chiquiacá, agreed on the reasons why they oppose hydrocarbon activity in the water recharge zone for the Tariquía Reserve.

“We will remain vigil until the Brazilian company leaves and if possible to its country. We will not allow your entry and a Petrobras engineer promised us that nothing will move until it is solved,” Coca declared.

He added that if they enter through other places it will no longer be with soft words because with great respect they were asked to leave the area.

Mercado said that for seven days they have been carrying out a blockade in Saican and the residents take turns amid the low temperatures that are recorded at this time.

The residents of the Tariquia Reserve installed that point last Monday to prevent the entry of Petrobras officials and vehicles.

From YPFB it was reported that community members of Saican, through a minutes signed on May 5, They expressed their support for the drilling of the Domo Oso X3 well, considering that it will generate work and economic movement.

However, Sonia Gutiérrez, a resident of that community, revealed that a part of its inhabitants are in disagreement with the exploratory project and that is why they joined the blockade point of the community members of Chiquiacá.

He spoke of threats they receive from communal authorities for rejecting support for Petrobras and YPFB, contractors of the exploratory project. Both oil companies sent their personnel to collect field data, in order to obtain the environmental license.

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