Congress overturns veto on Aldir Blanc and Paulo Gustavo laws

Chamber approves Social Benefits PEC in second round

The Chamber of Deputies approved today (13), in the second round, the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 15, of 2022, which creates a state of emergency to expand the payment of social benefits until the end of the year. The two highlights presented by parliamentarians were rejected: one that intended to remove the expression “state of emergency” from the PEC and another that removed the five-month time limit for the payment of additional installments of Auxílio Brasil with resources authorized by the proposal. The text goes on for promulgation.Chamber approves Social Benefits PEC in second round

In the early afternoon of Wednesday, deputies concluded the voting of the proposal in the first round that started last night (12). Tuesday’s session was suspended due to a blackout in the Chamber’s computer system. All highlights were rejected.

The Social Benefits PEC generates BRL 41.2 billion in exceptional expenses, that is, outside the spending ceiling, divided between social benefits. The measures are valid from August 1 to December 31, 2022.

The text provides for an increase of R$ 200 in Auxílio Brasil until December. The PEC also proposes, until the end of the year, an aid of R$ 1 thousand for truck drivers, kitchen gas vouchers and reinforcement of the Alimenta Brasil program, in addition to installments of R$ 200 for taxi drivers, financing of free public transport for seniors and compensation for states that reduce the tax burden on biofuels.

emergency state

To this end, the PEC establishes a state of emergency “due to the extraordinary and unpredictable rise in the prices of oil, fuel and its derivatives and the resulting social impacts”.

In practice, it is as if the government declared that the country is experiencing an exceptional moment, as occurred during the pandemic of the new coronavirus (covid-19).

According to the legislation, there can be no granting of new benefits or distribution of values ​​in an election year, except in exceptional cases, such as the state of emergency. Therefore, there is a provision in the PEC that provides for the declaration of a state of emergency in the country until December 31, justified by the “extraordinary and unpredictable” rise in oil and fuel prices and their social impacts.

Article updated at 20:36 to update information. The Chamber approved the Social Benefits PEC in the second round after voting on the highlights.

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