Chamber approves Senate amendments to MP that creates credit program

Chamber approves Senate amendments to MP that creates credit program

On Monday (8), the Chamber approved two amendments by the Senate to the provisional measure (MP) which reissues a credit program aimed at micro and small entrepreneurs through which banks make loans at their risk in exchange for credits assumed to be used for lower taxes. Text goes to presidential sanctionChamber approves Senate amendments to MP that creates credit program

The Credit Incentive Program intends to encourage banks to carry out loans by December 31, 2021. Revenue will be measured by the information provided to the Federal Revenue for the calendar year 2020 and the minimum period for payment of the debt is 24 months , prohibiting participation in the program of operations contracted under the National Program to Support Micro and Small Businesses (Pronampe) and the Guarantee Program for Critical Sectors (PGSC), in accordance with the regulations of the National Monetary Council.

One of the approved changes foresees that the company that joins the Credit Incentive Program will keep the same number of employees existing on the last day of the year prior to taking out the loan.
The other Senate amendment approved provides that Caixa Econômica Federal must bear any differences arising from fraud or fraud in the renegotiation of debts of the former Salary Variation Compensation Fund (FCVS) with banks operating in the Housing Finance System (SFH).

According to the government, the potential of this mechanism to generate credits in advance is in the order of R$ 48 billion.

* With information from the Chamber Agency

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