Chamber approves MP that allows donation of vaccines against covid-19

Chamber approves MP that allows donation of vaccines against covid-19

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Tuesday (3) the provisional measure that authorizes the donation of vaccines against covid-19 to other countries as part of international humanitarian cooperation. The proposal goes to the Senate.Chamber approves MP that allows donation of vaccines against covid-19

When edited, the federal government detailed that 10 million doses could be donated initially, and that, later, another 20 million doses could be donated, totaling at least 30 million units of the vaccine. The effectiveness of the donation depends on the expression of interest and consent to receive the immunizing agent by the beneficiary country.

The vaccines included in the proposal were acquired through the Covax Facility consortium and may be sent to countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa that have not yet managed to advance in vaccination. The donation cannot affect the vaccination of the Brazilian population.

According to the MP’s rapporteur, deputy Paulo Bengtson (PTB-PA), Brazil has already donated 5.1 million doses of the Astrazeneca vaccine to the Covax Facility initiative. Another 500 thousand doses of the Sinovac vaccine were donated to Paraguay.

“The donation of immunizers will be guided by humanitarian reasons and based on epidemiological criteria, such as the low vaccination coverage of the beneficiary country, the viral transmission rates in the region, the impossibility of acquiring doses, among other aspects that need to be evaluated if the case and when Brazil has vaccines available for donation”, he explained.

The deputy also pointed out that the different waves and cases of reinfection of covid-19 show “that immunization of the world population in a period coinciding with the duration of immunity of individuals is the most appropriate way for humanity to triumph with the end of the pandemic” .

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