Central Bank will inform new forgotten values ​​from May

Central Bank will inform new forgotten values ​​from May

Anyone who consulted forgotten values ​​​​in banks and was informed that they had nothing to receive will have to repeat the procedure in the coming months. In May, the Central Bank (BC) will expand the database to include new types of residual balances.Central Bank will inform new forgotten values ​​from May

The first stage of the consultation, which began today (14th) in site from the Central Bank (receivables), provides for the return of R$ 3.9 billion to 28 million individuals or companies with undrawn amounts.

The money comes from the following sources:

• closed and undrawn checking or savings accounts;

• improper collection of tariffs or credit obligations provided for in a term of commitment signed with the BC;

• capital quotas and apportionment of net surpluses of credit union members;

• defunct consortium groups.

The second stage of the service, scheduled to start in May, will allow consultation for the return of another R$ 4.1 billion.

The following values ​​will be included:

• improper collection of fees or credit obligations not provided for in the terms of the commitment;

• closed prepaid and postpaid payment accounts with available balance;

• accounts closed at brokers and securities dealers;

• other situations that result in amounts to be returned recognized by financial institutions.

partial balance

According to the Central Bank, until 12 pm today (14), around 20 million individuals and companies had consulted the new platform. Unlike the previous system, which was in the Registrato environment (site that informs the relationship between account holders and financial institutions), the new site will require the creation of a silver or gold level account on Portal Gov.br to authorize the withdrawal, in case you have forgotten values.


The consultation can be made by any citizen or company at any time. However, if the system reports receivables, users were divided into three groups, based on the date of birth or the date the company was founded.

Anyone who was born before 1968 or who opened the company before that year will be able to know the residual balance and ask for the redemption between March 7th and 11th, on the same date. site. The page itself will inform the time and date to request the withdrawal. If the user misses the time, there will be a repechage on the following Saturday, on March 12, from 4 am to 12 pm.

For people born between 1968 and 1983 or companies founded in this period, the deadline will be from March 14 to 18, with a recap on March 19. Whoever was born after 1984 or opened a company that year, the date goes from March 21 to 25, with a recap on March 26. The recaps will also take place on Saturdays at the same time, from 4 am to 12 pm.

Anyone who misses the recap Saturday will be able to request the redemption from March 28, regardless of the date of birth or creation of the company. The BC clarifies that citizens or companies that miss deadlines do not need to worry. The right to receive the funds is definitive and will continue to be held by financial institutions until the account holder requests the withdrawal.

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