Central Bank tender under the magnifying glass

Central Bank tender under the magnifying glass

The consortium that submitted the lowest offer for an exhibition at the Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP) denounced the authorities of the parent bank before the National Anti-Corruption Secretariat “for open favoritism and directing a tender to award the most expensive and waste public resources

The BCP awarded the most expensive offer in the tender, squandering G. 300 million, said the lawyer of the BCP MUSEUM CONSORTIUM, Carlos Becker.
The complaint is made within the framework of the “NATIONAL PUBLIC TENDER No. 98/2022 – CONTRACTING FOR EQUIPMENT AND MAPPING ROOM OF THE BCP MUSEUM – SECOND CALL – ID No. 413940”.

The first tender on the point was published on the portal on 07-11-2022. In it, only one bidder appeared since the bidding conditions were totally addressed to the bidder ENIO VARELA, who was finally awarded, according to the complaint.

Subsequently, and for reasons of a purely legal and documentary nature, they could not award the company, so a second tender was carried out with the same bases and conditions addressed to this company, Becker assured.

The second call was published on the portal on 08-29-2022. Within this framework, several bidders had made inquiries, including our firm, about the perverse address to the Enio Ovelar firm, placing things in the specifications that made it impossible, literally impossible to comply, he said.

For example, as will be seen in the attachments of the protests that we made before Public Procurement, it was placed as an exclusive requirement that all bidders who want to participate present a professional museologist, and that they have the authorization to be curator of the Ymaguare Foundation.

“Our firm consulted with the Foundation, and the same told us by note that they had only appointed one curator and it was the museologist Aleejandra Peña, the same one who had appeared on Varela’s team,” he said.

In addition, they put restrictive conditions such as postgraduate degrees for professionals, which only one professional in the country had. This requirement was eliminated at the behest of the DNCP. As if that were not enough, our firm submitted to the tender with all the requirements met in terms of legal, financial capacity and experience, and above all with a lower offer of G. 300 million, he continued commenting.

“In an absolutely impressive way, the Evaluation Committee made up of the people denounced, especially in the technical area of ​​Heritage, committed endless irregularities in the evaluation,” he concluded.
From the parent bank they responded concisely that the claim is being substantiated before the DNCP.

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