Census in Bolivia: rector of the Uagrm points out that it is in the hands of the Government to avoid indefinite unemployment in Santa Cruz

Census in Bolivia: rector of the Uagrm points out that it is in the hands of the Government to avoid indefinite unemployment in Santa Cruz

October 12, 2022, 8:54 AM

October 12, 2022, 8:54 AM

Vicente Cuellar, rector of the Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University (UAGRM) and representative of the 2023 Census Driving Committee, stated this Wednesday that it is in the hands of the national government to avoid the indefinite strike in Santa Cruz, scheduled for October 22.

He ratified that the solution is to repeal Supreme Decree 4760, which establishes the census for May or June 2024, and install a technical dialogue table, in which the realization of this work in 2023 is discussed.

“It is in the hands of the Government (avoid unemployment), it depends on them, we are absolutely clear: repeal Supreme Decree 4760we sit down at a table, we discuss technically and we find points of agreement to set a new date for the census”, he said this Wednesday morning, in contact with the media.

The also member of the Santa Cruz inter-institutional committee that seeks that the great national survey be in 2023, regretted that the technical meeting the day before did not provide any new data on the preparation of the census and recalled that the same explanation from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) had already been heard in the same way on three previous occasions.

“The meeting that took place yesterday was only socialization of the schedule of activities that the INE has, the presentation made by the director (Martha Oviedo) I have heard three times, one on August 15, another in La Paz and another yesterday, there is no no new item except now they say the cartographic update will be done in 15 and no longer in 16 months, as if it were a great achievementthe results will no longer be known after 14 months but after 12, and that the data capture will not be done manually but will hire a company, a process that will take seven months”, he explained.

The day before, a meeting was held between the INE, the Government, some mayors and international experts from the high-level commission, which they only stated that reducing some times can affect the quality of work.

“We have a proposal, which establishes that the census can be done in 2023, the Government has postponed without any technical criteria, yesterday it was expected to present the technical proposal for the census, but there was no progress. The observers came as friends, guarantors, if so, they have to worry about the quality of the census, they should have made a report technically justifying why they endorsed the census for 2022 and now why do they endorse it in 2024”, confirmed Cuéllar.

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