Census: Government affirms that the INE will not meet with committees and that it will report on its website

Census: Government affirms that the INE will not meet with committees and that it will report on its website

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The Vice Minister of Planning, Carlos David Guachalla, affirmed this Wednesday that the 2022 Population and Housing Census is the exclusive competence of the State, therefore, the National Institute of Statistics (INE) will put all the information on its website and will not meet with inter-institutional committees to explain progress.

“The information must not be provided only to the inter-institutional committee, but to the entire country. Within the framework of transparency, the INE will put all the information on its website,” the vice minister replied to Central Affairs, when asked about the absence of the INE at the invitation of the inter-institutional committee for the defense of the Santa Cruz Census to report on the process.

In this context, he said that all the necessary activities are carried out to comply with Supreme Decree 4546, which establishes the date of the census for November 16, despite the fact that it is a complex process, work is being done to reach the goal.

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“It is important to highlight the regulatory framework in which this process is carried out. The Political Constitution of the State establishes that the census is a private competence of the State and cannot be delegated. You have to maintain that impartiality. The INE is working to provide all the advances with a view to the census”, insisted Guachalla.

Meanwhile, the rector of the Universidad Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno and member of the committee, Vicente Cuéllar, reiterated that the objective and role of the committee is to monitor and support the INE, so that the work it carries out is as transparent as possible. For this, he indicated, a commission will go to La Paz this Friday.

“A commission from the promoting committee of the Census in Santa Cruz will travel this Friday to the city of La Paz to have a meeting with the director of the INE from whom they have requested information based on concrete actions and data that have already been executed and that are available. planned within the census process,” Cuéllar told Unitel.

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