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CEN of the PRD will call a meeting with the bases to define the roadmap of the group

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Release. The general elections on May 5 of this year constituted a highly participatory day full of lessons that called on our bases, structures and members of the National Executive Committee to serious reflections and urgent decision-making.

The Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) recognizes that the defeat suffered by our
party is a wake-up call that we cannot ignore. The results of these elections and the significant participation of youth are a cry that reaches not only our group, but society in general, where political protagonism demands new actors, better approaches and, above all, a new behavior of the political class.

Panama cannot continue to be the scene of conflicts between factions incapable of overcoming their differences, postponing the solution to the great challenges we have as a country. The PRD assumes the will of the people as a mandate and is committed to contributing to a stable environment so that the new government, led by President José Raúl Mulino, can begin and develop in the best way.

For our part, the lessons received call us as a party to a profound
renewal and restructuring based on our realities, without giving in to external and media pressures that try to impose agendas on us, but through a serious and constructive discussion. While the challenges presented by our lawyers, the formation of the different benches and the inauguration of our elected authorities are being resolved, the National Executive Committee will soon call a meeting with the party structures to define the roadmap that will be provided to the party and to the country the real possibility of a restructuring from the bases (Delegates, National Board, CDN, Court of Honor and Discipline and National Executive Committee).

To our militancy, we say: this is a moment to demonstrate our resilience and
unit. The PRD has faced challenges before and we have always moved forward thanks to our determination and commitment to the people. United, we will learn from our mistakes, we will strengthen ourselves and we will work together to contribute to the construction of a better country.

We will continue forward with the firm conviction that, through renewal and work
Together, we can regain the trust of our people and continue to be a force
positive in Panamanian politics.

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