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December 7, 2022
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Cement producers expect to increase contributions to economy

Cement producers expect to increase contributions to economy

Companies cement producers They trust that 2023 will be a year to strengthen the productive chains, after exceeding some international incidents that affected part of their development during the current 2022.

The president of the Dominican Association of Cement Producers (adocem), Félix González, reported yesterday that the structure of industry costs has been impacted by various factors that developed over the course of the year.

He cited the international logistics crisis, which increased by more than one 84% the price of primary fuels and raw materials, impacting freight costs in a 35%and internal inflation, which increased the cost of production in 47%.

“If the 75th anniversary (of the cement industry) finds us at a good moment, with a growing economy, it is because, as an industry, we did something very well before the Hard hit that the pandemic has given employment and the entire economy in the country and the world,” he said.

adocem held a mass in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the cement industry in the country in the Santa Bárbara Military Cathedral, in the Colonial City.


In addition to international and local incidents, a slowdown in the exports of cement, mainly due to the crisis that persists in Haiti, the destination to which 70% of exports are sent, according to international trade data from adocem.

“In the case of the business cement producer Santo Domingoexports were affected by an average of 50 percent,” González told members of the press during the celebration of a thanksgiving mass for the anniversary of the local cement industry.

He announced that in the last two months they have already experienced relief in the binational tradehighlighting that the regulation of sales to that destination is beneficial for both countries due to the generation of jobs that it contributes to the two economies.

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In that order, González expressed that the producing companies trust that the scenario will be more favorable for 2023, the year in which they foresee strengthen their efforts to continue being a resilient sector that can support the economy as it has done in recent years.

He added that, as an industry, they will continue working to prevent external incidents from translating into the cement priceswhich have not been fully reflected in the high production costs faced by processing companies in the country.

Dominican journalist specializing in economics and finance, graduated from the Dominican O&M University.

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