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Celeste Amarilla calls for the ANR to be destroyed

Celeste Amarilla calls for the ANR to be destroyed

Celeste Amarilla, national deputy for the Liberal Party (PLRA), during the speakers’ stage of the Chamber of Deputies, expressed that the problem of money laundering and organized crime is corrupt people and not institutions. And that a divorce between the Colorado Party and the State is necessary.

He pointed out that the state institutions are in the hands of the Colorado Party because they have been winning for years. Although the governments are legitimate, he reaffirmed that there is no corrupt state, only corrupt people.

“It is necessary to change for something to change in this country. The law of the police lost in both chambers. The request to the Jury of Prosecution to corrupt judges did not prosper. The purchase of scanners is also not discussed here. Nor the purchase of radars, nor the political trial of the attorney general. If they want nothing to change, nothing will change. If they continue to insist on continuing everything the same, another death will come and we will have another minute of silence, ”she questioned.

He regretted that the only solution proposed is the budget increase for the affected institutions. The same thing happened with the Joint Task Force (FTC) when former Vice President Óscar Denis was kidnapped.

“What else is usually done, a change of ministers, commanders, police chiefs, until the next dead or kidnapped. Who benefits from Acevedo’s death or Pecci’s death? When we know we will know where to direct the debate”, he pointed out.

Finally, when mentioning Horacio Cartes, Pedro Alliana, president of the Lower House, warned her that he was only giving her 15 seconds to finish her oratory, to which Celeste Amarilla sentenced with the phrase “ANR delenda est” (the ANR must be destroyed).

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