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Celebrate Day of the public defender in Venezuela

Venezuela celebrates the National Public Defender Day with the aim of recognizing the humanist work of public officials at the service of guaranteeing Human Rights, with principles of honesty, speed, transparency, efficiency and responsibility.

Through the social network Twitter, several State institutions paid tribute to the men and women who carry out this laudable work, the Ombudsman’s Office, the Caracas Metro, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, among other institutions, made their congratulations public.

It is worth remembering that every July 16, Venezuela celebrates the National Day of the Public Defender, to recognize the role of men and women who guarantee the human rights of thousands of people who require access to justice and due process for their defense as citizens of the Republic.

This date was decreed by the former Council of the Judiciary in plenary session on March 14, 1984. It is also celebrated to remember the day of the first National Assembly of Public Defenders, which was held in Caracas in July 1972.

It should be noted that currently, the Public Defense is directed by a prominent Venezuelan lawyer with a Doctorate in Constitutional Law, Magister Scentiarum in Criminal Law, Daniel Ramírez Herrera, who has demonstrated great human qualities to carry out the position of General Public Defender, from the last July 27 of the year 2022.


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