CCBB do Rio now offers varied attractions

CCBB do Rio now offers varied attractions

Today (20), when Saint Sebastian Day, patron saint of Rio de Janeiro, is celebrated, the Banco do Brasil Educativo Cultural Center (CCBB Educativo) will offer the public several free activities, also held on weekends.CCBB do Rio now offers varied attractions

The CCBB Pedagogical Coordinator, Alexandre Diniz, cited – among these activities – storytelling, in two times, in the afternoon. The stories connect with the theme of the exhibitions on display at the CCBB The Twins: Our Secrets and Walter Firmo.

There are activities for children from three to six years old, called Little Handswhich also dialogue with the exhibition The Twins. “The children are going to talk a little about street art, they are going to experiment with drawing,” said Diniz to Brazil Agency.

In this activity, small visitors are invited to intervene and exhibit their arts on the facades of buildings in a miniature city. THE Little Hands takes place on holidays and Saturdays at 11 am. For younger children, between two and three years old, CCBB Educativo promotes, at the same time, the Tiny Hands, which is a sensory journey created for this age group. It will be today and Sunday at 11 pm.

sensory path

Tiny Handss is a sensory journey created for two and three year olds – Disclosure/CCBB

There are also guided visits to the exhibition The Twinswithout the need for an appointment, in addition to a visual arts activity on the ground floor of the CCBB, entitled photografitte. This action will be throughout the day, at different times.

Incorporated into the Ateliê Aberto of CCBB Educativo do Rio, the photografitte it is a structure of interaction and appropriation between graffiti art and the visitor’s image. Using elements such as human body shapes, clothes, objects and icons of urban art and culture hip hopwere developed stickers (stickers) inspired by the universe of The Twins. The experience consists of choosing these fragments, creating a composition on the transparent panel and posing for photos, experiencing the fusion between the arts of photography and graffiti.


Visitors who arrive earlier, at 9:30 am, will experience the tactile material that the twins Gustavo and Otávio Pandolfo developed for the exhibition about their work and learn a little about the artists’ trajectory and the technique with which they work with this support material. This approach is done on the ground floor, in the roundabout, informed Alexandre Diniz. “For the weekend, we also continue with this schedule”, he said.

The pedagogical coordinator informed that, for the activities of younger children in the Tiny Hands, there are up to ten participants at a time, five children and five adults; at the Little Handsthe number of children rises to ten.

no longer photografitte, there is no limit. It’s coming and participating. Mediated visits bring together up to 20 people, while storytelling is limited to 40 people, including parents and children.

Alexandre Diniz also announced that, during the vacation period, which started on the 2nd, the CCBB Educativo do Rio has been with above average activities. “To get an idea, [tem-se] an hour and a half line (long) at the CCBB to see the exhibition”. He believes that the trend is to continue like this until next Monday (23), the last day of the exhibition. The Twins. “We know that, when OsGemeos ends, this frequency will drop by half”, she pointed out.

tiny hands

Sensory route for the little ones – Disclosure/CCBB

As part of the CCBB Vacation attraction, this January, the Arts Laboratory workshops also take place on weekdays, from Wednesday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

new assemblies

In February, with new assemblies on the ground floor, attendance should grow again. A sensory station will be set up to talk about color. In parallel, small storytellings are being developed that will talk about different places in the world. It’s a short trip across the globe, telling stories characteristic of each country. These activities will take place during the week, from Wednesday to Monday, in February.

CCBB Educativo is an ongoing art-education program, sponsored by Banco do Brasil, which develops educational actions to bring the public closer to the programming on display.

In 2023, the program is carried out by Sapoti Projetos Culturais and offers guided visits, an arts laboratory, storytelling, reading mediation, experiences for children, meetings with teachers and events on commemorative dates. The activities offered at Ateliê Aberto are aimed at all audiences and are completely free.

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