Castillo’s lawyer says that the complaint against him violates the Constitution

Lima, Oct 12 (EFE) .- The lawyer for the president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, stated this Wednesday that the complaint filed by the Prosecutor’s Office before Congress against the president is “a flagrant violation of the Constitution” and considered that, if this continues, it would show that in the country “no one can sleep peacefully.”

“If this flagrant violation of the Constitution is processed and is not declared inadmissible, then in Peru no one can sleep peacefully,” said lawyer Benji Espinoza, in an interview with Canal N, since, according to him, the complaint invokes to an international treaty and not to the country’s Magna Carta.

He explained that this decision by the nation’s attorney (general), Patricia Benavides, can show that no one in the country could have security, since the Constitution is not respected.

The Prosecutor’s Office presented this Tuesday in Congress a constitutional complaint against Castillo as the alleged perpetrator of crimes against public tranquility, in the form of criminal organization aggravated by his status as leader.

Also for crimes against the public administration in the form of aggravated influence peddling and as an alleged accomplice of the crime against the public administration in the form of collusion (fraud).

Hours later, Castillo gave a press conference in which he declared that “a new type of coup d’état” was taking place in the country.

After these events that occurred this Tuesday, Espinoza reiterated Castillo’s innocence, the falsity of the charges against him and the superiority of the Constitution over all regulations.

He pointed out that the complaint presented is “a clear misconception, of not properly understanding international law”, because the international treaty he invokes “is worth less than the Constitution”, and that therefore Benavides would have to withdraw from the case.

“If I find any evidence or show evidence that Castillo is guilty of a crime, I immediately resign from being his lawyer (…) Nothing weighs me down to make decisions,” Espinoza said in defense of the president.

He explained that in the field of ordinary justice, they are going to ask the supreme judge for a new protection of rights over the prosecutor’s complaint and that he make his decision prevail and not allow reinterpretations by the Public Ministry.

In addition, they are going to present a constitutional claim for amparo invoking the right to equality before the law, legal certainty, and the democratic principle.


After the prosecutor’s announcement, Benavides offered a public statement in which he justified his decision by referring to the “very serious and revealing indications of the existence of an alleged criminal organization entrenched in the Government” that were allegedly found during the morning proceedings. .

The prosecutor was emphatic in stating that this corrupt network is “allegedly led by the President of the Republic, Castillo Terrones,” and made up of several ministers.

In addition, he accused the same organization of deploying a “constant and ferocious obstruction of Justice” that, he warned, “endangers the continuity of the investigations and the discovery of the truth that all the people hope to know.”

With the referral of the constitutional complaint against Castillo to Parliament, it is now in the hands of the Legislature to move forward with a process that, if it passes all its legal stages, could be resolved with a plenary vote on an eventual suspension of the president, who in his Fifteen months of management has survived two impeachment attempts promoted by the opposition, which dominates the Chamber. EFE.


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