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Castillo prefects also fuel violent protests

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Castillo prefects also fuel violent protests

since Pedro Castillo perpetrated the coup d’état on December 7. A sector of protesters shines for its radicalism, since it demands the closure of Congress, a Constituent Assembly and the release of the ex-president detained today. It is the same discourse that the extremist left that today occupies seats in Congress has.

Among these groups that support Castillo and incite violence, the Police have been able to identify people linked to drug trafficking and illegal mining.

But there are also the members of the Fenatep who were benefited with posts as prefects by the former coup leader.

Peru21 he was able to corroborate that many of them began to encourage and participate in the protests as authorities. One of them is Brangil Mateo Blass, prefect of Junín, who, through his social networks, called for a march and use of violence.

SIGHT: The Ministry concluded the appointment of Pedro Castillo’s sub-prefects

And that’s not all. In their WhatsApp groups, the prefects inform and coordinate their participation in different marches. Two of the most active are the prefects of San Martín, Tito Angulo Rivero, and of La Libertad, Pablo Ruiz Contreras. “We continue in the fight, compañeros, supporting our president (Pedro Castillo),” said Angulo, who also attached photographs of him at the demonstrations.

Members of those chats shared screenshots with this newspaper with the commitment not to publish them. The same sources indicated that some sub-prefects were forced to protest.

Loyal to Castillo

Of the total of 26 prefects, six belong to Fenatep, Conare-Sute and the Magisterial Party, all linked to the Movadef Senderista group.

For example, the signature of Eliseo Huamani, who was the prefect of Apurímac until this week, is found on the Movadef planillions.

Huamani has used the means at his disposal to call protests, both his personal Facebook and that of the Prefecture. “We will never give up the people’s struggle,” he posted.

Another 17 prefects are close to the former head of state and even supported the decision to close Congress unconstitutionally. For the most part, they resigned their positions “out of loyalty” to Pedro Castillo and indicated that his 18-month pretrial detention is “arbitrary.”

Tito Ángulo Rivero, prefect of San Martín, threatened through a local media to continue with the extreme protests. “The culprits will have to pay for the blood spilled,” he said.

Germán Rodas, prefect of Lima Provinces, victimized Castillo because of the situation he is experiencing. “The trash press and power groups removed the president. You have been warned, vacationers. The people declare themselves in a national insurgency,” he said.

Castillo’s disastrous legacy continues to destabilize the country. Dina Boluarte’s government still has a long way to go for this to change.


  • The Ministry of the Interior concluded yesterday the appointment of provincial sub-prefects at the national level. All appointed by Castillo.
  • According to the Ombudsman’s Office, 20 people died as a result of the violent protests.


Perú21TV spoke with the Alianza Para el Progreso congressman, Roberto Chiabra, about Bruno Pacheco’s new chats, in which he would interfere with Sunat. Bruno Pacheco is currently being investigated by the prosecution for interfering in the irregular promotions of the Armed Forces.

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