Cases of covid-19 increase in Amazonas, which passes to the high risk phase

Cases of covid-19 increase in Amazonas, which passes to the high risk phase

The state of Amazonas has entered the high risk phase because of the increase in cases of covid-19. According to a bulletin released yesterday (26) by the state Department of Health, 6,266 more cases and four deaths from the disease were recorded in Amazonas.

As a result, the number of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic rose to 509,128 and the number of deaths to 13,908. This Wednesday, the incidence rate (cases per 100,000 inhabitants) was 12,284 and the mortality rate (deaths per 100,000 inhabitants) was 335.57.

In 14 days, the increase in the moving average of cases was 582% and, in the last week, 74%. The number of deaths rose 85% from January 1st to 25th compared to December 2021.

The transmission rate increased to 2.04, which means that, for every 100 people, the potential for contamination can reach the infection of 204 individuals.

The occupancy rate of intensive care units (ICU) beds was 68.92%. In public hospitals, the rate was 63.21% and, in private hospitals, 81.96%. Yesterday there were 17 patients awaiting transfer to Covid-19 ICU beds.

In January, hospitalizations increased 481% in Amazonas compared to the month of December. Covid-19 was the main cause of hospitalizations The Health Department reported that 56 infirmary beds were activated for covid-19 at Hospital Delphina Aziz.

Among patients hospitalized in ICU beds in the capital, Manaus, 24.6% completed the vaccination schedule and 75.4% did not take both doses or a single dose. In the countryside, no hospitalized person had completed the vaccination cycle.

According to the Amazon government, despite the advance to the red phase, the contingency plan does not provide for the adoption of new social distancing measures, such as restrictions on hours or operation of activities, in the state.Cases of covid-19 increase in Amazonas, which passes to the high risk phase

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