Casa de las Américas Award 2023 receives an avalanche of literary works

The award House of the Americasone of the most important literary awards in Latin America and the Caribbean, welcomes a high number of aspiring works in its 63rd edition, scheduled from April 24 to 28.

On this occasion, which coincides with the 64th anniversary of the cultural institution, the call includes the genres of Short Story, Testimonial Literature, Studies on the black presence in contemporary America and the Caribbean, as well as Brazilian Literature, with fiction books published in Portuguese between 2020 and 2022, according to a report from the Prensa Latina (PL) agency.

The director of the institution’s Literary Research Center, Jorge Fornet, assured that “there has been an avalanche of contestants with more than 350 short stories, nearly 200 testimonials and as many from the rest of the categories.”

Likewise, he stressed that the presence of the Venezuelan writer Gustavo Pereira, in his opinion, “one of the most notable Latin American poets today and winner of the José Lezama Lima prize for the title diary of revelations”, who will be in charge of the opening words of the event and the official constitution of the jury.

The team in charge of awarding the award will be made up of Oliverio Coelho and Telma Luzzani (Argentina), Luis Laya and Jesús “Chucho” García (Venezuela), Alberto Marrero, Alberto Curbelo and Ingrid Brioso (Cuba), Yuderkis Espinosa (Dominican Republic), Mário Araújo and Clara Dias (Brazil), specifies the publication

The program of the meeting proposes conversations, presentation of the winning books of the previous edition, concerts, talks with authors, spaces for exchange on the themes conceived in the categories and the expected delivery of the awards.

In the program stands out the tribute concert to Haydee Santamaría and fine garcia marruzwhich will host the premiere of the work there where the lightby the composer José María Vitier, pointed out María Elena Vinuesa, director of Music at Casa de las Américas.

Two surnames and a house

In this way, PL refers, the poem «In the death of a heroine of the homeland”, by García Marruz becomes melodies, thanks to the talent of the 2021 National Music Award, who will be accompanied by the National Choir of Cuba, the Havana Chamber Orchestra and other performers .

Remember the medium that, since its creation in 1959, the prize it has recognized many of the region’s most prominent writers, and has become an important platform for emerging and established writers to publicize their work.

The winning entries span a wide range of genres, from poetry and narrative to essay and drama.

In addition, participating authors can network with other writers and publishers, and it is also an opportunity for readers to discover new voices and perspectives in Latin American literature.

The award has always intended to be a reflection of the diversity and cultural richness of the region. This year, in particular, great emphasis has been placed on literature written by women and by authors from indigenous peoples, which demonstrates the institution’s commitment to inclusion and diversity in literature.

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