Cartes paid US$500,000 to distort the election of TSJE ministers according to Wagner

Cartes paid US$500,000 to distort the election of TSJE ministers according to Wagner

Luis Alberto Wagner, a former PLRA senator, organized a demonstration in front of the Council of the Judiciary on Friday morning to denounce an alleged fraud attempt in the process of electing ministers to the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE).

The Council of the Judiciary is preparing the two short lists to replace Alberto Ramírez Zambonini and María Elena Wapenka who, due to their ages (75 years), have already left said court.

The Liberal leader’s claim is that the authorities of the Council of the Judiciary intend to place the two highest scorers in the same list. They are Emilio Camacho (independent) and César Rossel (PLRA). With this, they would leave the second shortlist open for Colorado candidates. Something that would leave the TSJE unbalanced, remembering that there are only three ministers and the current president, who will continue in office, is Jaime Bestard, linked to the ANR (Chartism).

“There must be an opponent and an independent so that there is balance and independence. In order not to have the independent and the liberal, they intend to put the two on the same list. And put another exclusive shortlist of Colorados like Myriam Cristaldo, who, being a judge, never allowed the opposition to review a single act after the allegations of electoral fraud in 2018, ”she questioned.

The argument of the Council of the Judiciary to locate Cristaldo would focus on the need for a woman to integrate the collegiate group.

Wagner also denounced that there were offers of US$ 500,000 by parts of former president Horacio Cartes, to twist in favor of that red trio.

“Cartes needs fraud, Cartes desperately needs a government imposed by fraud to be in the next 2023.”

Finally, he recalled that Jorge Bogarín Alfonso, a member of the Council of the Judiciary, had Julián Vega, councilor of Mariano Roque Alonso, as campaign manager, who was, in turn, linked to the “Operative Extreme”.

The conformation of the list should be defined today.

Myriam Cristaldo, candidate for minister of the TSJE.

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