Cartes loses power after rejecting Giuzzio's political trial

Cartes loses power after rejecting Giuzzio’s political trial

Yesterday after 10:30 am, the Chamber of Deputies began the treatment of the political trial against Arnaldo Giuzzio, who was accused of poor performance in his duties.

Deputy Basilio “Bachi” Núñez ratified the position of the Honor Colorado movement in favor of impeaching the Minister of the Interior. He stated that «Velázquez is double-talking, he voted to kick Giuzzio out of the ANR and now he says that he is honest».

“Giuzzio must take a step to the side and if there are not three measures that can be taken, the President of the Republic can remove him, the Congress by impeachment can remove him or he has to resign,” said Núñez.

The Colorado Honor movement has maintained its position for a year. “Our caucus is going to vote and that each one assume their responsibility in the face of insecurity,” he said.

“We are going to add some points to the accusatory libel presented by colleagues from the Liberal Party,” he assured.

“Why didn’t Giuzzio assume the internal security of the country, of that city and of that concert? Why did they leave private security in charge? ”, He mentioned.

On the other hand, several of the deputies speaking mentioned narco-politics and how this affects society.

“If there are colleagues who are close to drug trafficking, withdraw from Congress because they destroy our society,” said Sebastián Villarejo, deputy for Patria Querida, in the session that studies the accusatory libel against the Minister of the Interior, Arnaldo Giuzzio.

Deputy Celeste Amarilla pointed directly at the former president, “Here the new Fahd Yamil is Horacio Cartes.”

Legislators from the “Honor Colorado” Caucus assured that the request for impeachment of the Minister of the Interior, Arnaldo Giuzzio, is not based on political persecution, much less on personal revenge, but rather on the null results of his administration.

The current situation in the country in terms of security, the main responsibility of the ministry in charge of Arnaldo Giuzzio, shows a deep crisis, according to the parliamentarians of that bloc.

The Minister of the Executive Power had stated before different media that there are sectors that, in reality, what they want is to silence him, with reference to the complaints that were presented.

“If I have to go, I will go. But they are not going to shut me up”, he sentenced in the middle of an informative meeting with deputies and senators of the Permanent Commission.

Finally, the result of the session was as follows: 27 deputies voted in favor, 15 against, 25 abstained and there were 13 absent, so the impeachment of the Minister of the Interior did not prosper, which constitutes a defeat for Chartism.

On the same day, the Executive branch also decreed an increase in the Selective Consumption Tax (ISC) on tobacco, from 18% to 20%, a total of 2%. It should be noted that Tabacalera del Este SA is part of the Cartes Group.

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