Cars, natural gas: benefits and everything you need to know about it

Cars, natural gas: benefits and everything you need to know about it

According to figures from the Colombian Natural Gas Association (Naturgas), in 2021, 16,000 vehicles were converted to vehicular natural gas (NGV) and 1,587 heavy vehicles dedicated to this technology were incorporated.

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Taking these figures into account, from Naturgas they assure that the country has already exceeded the 639,000 units converted and the 4,000 dedicated heavy references, including buses, trucks and dump trucks.

The entity wants more people to approach this technology, to consolidate itself as “a sustainable and competitive mobility alternative“.

However, he knows that there are many doubts about CNG.

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The basic thing is to be clear that there is a law, 2128 of 2021, that “promotes the supply, continuity, reliability and coverage of fuel gas in the country“.

The following is to explain the difference between converted vehicle Y dedicated vehicle.

The first refers to “those that are originally manufactured for a fuel other than natural gas and undergo a conversion process to use natural gas“. The seconds are “those whose engine has been designed and manufactured to operate exclusively with natural gas“, explained Luz Stella Murgas, president of Naturgas.

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And what benefits are there? According to Naturgas, there are seven main ones:

– Savings up to 50% compared to gasoline and 35% compared to diesel.

– No restrictions in circulation (‘pico y placa’, Day without a car, etc.).

– It is exempt from VAT payment.

– Taxes may not exceed 1% of the commercial value of the vehicle.

– 10% discount in the premiums of Soat insurance, contractual and non-contractual liability insurance for vehicles dedicated to natural gas.

– Decrease close to 100% of emissions of fine particulate matter, one of the most harmful air pollutants for humanity, according to the WHO.

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– New dedicated vehicles natural gas are exempt for 10 years from obtaining the Pollutant Emissions Certificate and have a 30% discount on mechanical technical reviews.


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