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Carrizal municipal police intervened

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The Ministry for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, intervened -this Wednesday- the municipal Police of Carrizal of the state of Miranda, for the alleged massive and continued participation of its officials in the violation of human rights (DDHH).

The intercession of the highest ministerial authority in the police system will be for 180 continuous days. It was approved by Minister A/J Remigio Ceballos Ichazos, according to resolution No. 088 of the Official Gazette No. 460,584 of last Monday, May 15. There, the minister ordered the process to begin and appointed the Intervention Board made up of: Carlos Calderón Chirinos, Richard Centeno, Omar Márquez, Asdrúbal Cadenas, Raúl Mejías, Antoni Gil, Carmen Sanoja Sosa, Adrián Santiago, Yajaira Del Carmen Vallenilla, Marcos Tulio Diaz, Carlos Garces, Yenifer Torregrosa.

The Vice Ministry of the Integrated Police System (Visipol) also delves into irregular events that occurred in the Carrizal Municipal Police, whose actions violate the constitutional order by not deploying the police service for the protection of the population in the peace quadrants under the responsibility de Policarrizal and keep the vast majority of services inoperative.

Functions of the Audit Board

In accordance with the Resolution issued by the Ministry of Justice, the members of the auditing board must declare the administrative restructuring of the Autonomous Police Institute of the municipality of Carrizal.

Gradually, the supervisory board must begin the immediate suspension of officials in accordance with the applicable regulations; request reports regarding the loss or theft of firearms and ammunition belonging to this security agency; and initiate the police retraining procedure for its officers, where the director and deputy director of Policarrizal must also actively participate.

Councilors applaud the measure towards the municipal police

Councilor Ricki Cañizales, president of the Carrizal Municipal Council, applauded the measure taken by the national government, through the ministry.

“At the end of the last quarter of 2022, from the Municipal Chamber we had alerted about a series of irregulars that were taking place in the Municipal Police; We even set up a special commission that provided suggestions to the municipal executive to correct the actions of some officers who, wearing police uniforms, were committing embarrassing acts”, highlighted the parliamentarian.

Mayor Morales will abide by and await results of the intervention to the municipal police

The mayor of the Carrizal municipality, José “Chonchón Morales”, highlighted that, currently, all the municipal police officers execute their work plan under the supervision of the Venezuelan State, and that includes the appointment of the management train, whose members are appointed under the Visipol acceptance. He emphasized that this entity is also in charge of approving the new members, so the intervention is not a novelty for this government.

“The police are in fact intervened, because nothing is done here that is not supervised by the ministry or Visipol; now this measure is an intervention by law, so as mayor of this municipality I will abide by and wait for the corresponding results on the observations that said intervention throws up, ”he claimed.

PoliCarrizal remained number 1 in police effectiveness in Los Altos Mirandinos

Morales said that since his arrival, PoliCarrizal has worked in accordance with the guidelines issued by the ministry, and works hand in hand with the peace quadrants and the commonwealth for the benefit of the inhabitants of Carrizal and its visitors; and that is reflected in the positive numbers that describe the management, and that are registered by the national entity.

He affirmed that despite the failures found by Visipol, PoliCarrizal remained the first efficient police force in operation in the Altos Mirandinos.

“Our Municipal Police of Carrizal remained for a year and five months that I have been in this administration, as the first security force in Los Altos Mirandinos and the third most efficient in the state of Miranda, as indicated by the statistics of the Ministry of Popular Power. of Interior Relations of Justice and Peace, that is why today we abide by the intervention decision issued by this body”, he asserted.

He stressed that many of the points contained in resolution 088 of the Official Gazette No. 42,628, which indicates the intervention, “are not new to this government, but rather inherited from the previous ones, since human rights have been respected here since my arrival and we work with the peace quadrants in the different communities, through the operations deployed throughout the jurisdiction”.

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