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Carolina Mejía rules out there may be a crisis in the PRM

Santo Domingo – The mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejía, stated yesterday that in the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) there is no room for disunity.

Mejía made the affirmation after the official organization decided that the PRM authorities will be chosen by a convention of delegates.

PRM leaders seeking the presidency of the ruling party demanded that the internal elections of the organization be by secret, public and universal vote.

Previously, the National Commission for Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) confirmed that the assembly of delegates It will be the method that will be used to elect the new authorities of that political organization.

Of the enrollment of the National Executive Commission, 601 attended, which represents more than 70 percent of its members.

Of the proposals that were presented, one established election through universal vote; and the other by assembly of delegates. The latter was chosen with 99 percent of the vote of those present.

Before the assembly of delegates, a series of activities will take place. The objective is to guarantee a broad representation of all sectors of the PRM. This includes the rank and file of the party, which it was feared would not have a presence in the election of the new authorities.

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