Carolina Gutiérrez is the first woman to preside over the Cadecocruz

Carolina Gutiérrez is the first woman to preside over the Cadecocruz

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Engineer Carolina Gutiérrez, an outstanding 42-year-old professional, became the first woman to lead the destinies of the Santa Cruz Construction Chamber (Cadecocruz) in 37 years of institutional life.

The companies associated with the chamber elected this Tuesday the board of directors for the 2022-2023 administration and Carolina Gutiérrez Brehmer as president, who represents the second generation of a family of builders.

“Reactivating ourselves and returning to growth at pre-pandemic levels is one of the main goals and challenges of this board of directors. For this, it is vital that all the efforts and undertakings of the private sector are accompanied by public investment in infrastructure, both at the central and regional, and that these resources be allocated to projects with an impact on job creation, and of course to Bolivian companies”, said the new president.

He added that it is important that the public entities of the different estates honor their commitments and pay the millionaire debts that they have been accumulating with the construction companies for work progress forms.

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In this context, he added that he will continue the work of his predecessors by multiplying efforts, efforts and generating initiatives on different fronts with a vision set on growth and comprehensive development.

“Sustainable construction is one of Cadecocruz’s great commitments and we are setting milestones with the endorsement of the United Nations and specialized international entities. This is how we lead the national committees for Sustainable Infrastructure and Sustainable Finance, we already have companies that are building with certified green concrete produced by one of our associates, and soon we will be certifying works as well as managing soft financing”, emphasized Gutiérrez Brehmer.

He added that the institution will continue to manage the agenda of urgent issues of the chamber and of the country’s builders, such as recognizing the work progress sheet as a tradable commercial document in the financial system.

Another of his goals is to regulate the participation of foreign companies so that they have the obligation to work in partnership with Bolivian construction companies and enact a Procurement Law that replaces the current Supreme Decree 181, which, in his opinion, is handled with discretion.

“The steps will be taken to materialize infrastructure projects of great impact for the economy and quality of life of the population, such as the consolidation of a sustainable metropolitan area, the Viru Viru Hub, the Mutún, Puerto Busch, road integration, among others,” he remarked.

After the democratic act, the Electoral Committee -made up of past presidents- took possession of the new board of directors that will carry out its management in a complex scenario for the construction industry and the economy in general, mainly due to the pandemic crisis.


María Carolina Gutiérrez Brehmer is 42 years old, married and has two daughters; Currently, she is deputy manager of the company Construmat LTDA.

She has been working at Cadecocruz since 2015 and was director, treasurer and vice president, alternate director at Fundempresa (representative of Cadecocruz), director of the Federation of Private Entrepreneurs (representative of Cadecocruz)

She has a degree in Economic Engineering from the Private University of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, specializing in Project Management, Financial Management and Senior Management Management Skills at the Business School.

Courses related to management training at the Adolfo Ibáñez University (Viña del Mar – Chile) and Women’s Leadership (Incae, Business School).

Specialization in Soft Skills and Coaching courses, from the University of San Francisco and George Washington University.

New directory in Cadecocruz

President: Maria Carolina Gutierrez Brehmer

Vice President: Osvaldo Andres Gutierrez Zegada

Treasurer: Eduardo Rhodes Herrera


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Daniel Ribera Justiniano

Marco Antonio Vera Lino

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