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Carnival DN fills the boardwalk with color

More than 80 colorful troupes and individual characters graced the 2022 Carnival parade of the National District on the boardwalk this Saturday.

The comparsas paraded, danced and sang to the rhythm of carnival music, giving free rein to the diverse cultural expressions of the neighborhoods of the National District.

This long-awaited display of culture, organized by the National District City Council (ADN) and the Union of National District Carnival People (UCADI), began at 5:00 in the afternoon, with a ceremony led by the mayor, Carolina Mejía and others. city ​​council officials.

This year, the kings of Carnival were Mercedes Maritza Molina and Marino Pérez.

The parade
The parade was dedicated to Marcos Antonio Keppis who was head of the Ali-Babá troupes, creator of numerous troupes, co-organizer of various carnivals and king of the 2015 Carnival. He has represented the country in the carnivals of Guadeloupe, Aruba, Curaçao , Cuba, Saint Martin, Haiti and France.

Carnival of the National District. Jorge gonzalez

In the categories of Traditional Devils, Fantasy Devils, Ali-Babá, Fantasy, Historical, Popular Creativity, Traditional, Traditional Individual Character and Fantasy Individual Character, the best ones were awarded a total of RD$1.5 million.

The jury, made up of professionals from psychiatry, sociology, anthropology and the arts, takes into account the creativity, color, originality, musicality and identity of the participants.

Prior to the participation of the comparsas there was a parade of old cars

photography award
Within the framework of Carnival 2022, the Sergio de Jesús Rosario, “Pipí” photography award was organized in honor of that charismatic Robalagallina, to stimulate the visual artists of the lens to capture the most creative and artistic moments and cultural expressions of the carnival.

The categories of traditional or fantasy individual characters and traditional troupes will be chosen, with three prizes of 100 thousand 75 thousand and 50 thousand pesos, for the first, second and third place.

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Dominican and foreign photographers residing in the country participate and the photographs must be deposited printed in color on photographic paper.

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Carnival of the National District. Jorge gonzalez

a note

The jury of the Carnival parade was made up of César Mella, Juan Francisco Vásquez, Carlos Andújar, Geo Repley, Rolando Pérez, Miriam Bello, Avelino Stanley, Amarilis Mota, Julio Castillo, Pedro Julio Quesada, Aristóteles Monserrate, Mariano Hernández, José Cuello, Odalis Rosado, Margarita Lorenzo, Jochy Domínguez, Aquiles Castro, Ramón Correra, Jore Guigni and Julio Moreno

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