Carlos Sarubbi: “We will work giving our best”

Carlos Cáceres Sarubbi, candidate for National Senator for the Patria Querida Party, carries out multiple activities as part of his campaign with a view to the December elections.

The candidate is a native of Ciudad del Este (Alto Paraná) where he currently resides; He is a lawyer and directs the law firm that advises companies in different agro-industrial, productive and commercial sectors. Today he is a candidate for Senator and for this reason he carries out activities throughout the country in which, in addition to promoting his supporters, he promotes the motto: “The best of us.”

How did the legislative proposal “The best of us” come about?

It arises from a team from Alto Paraná that conceives political participation as a tool to get involved and be part of the changes and community construction that we want for our country, for the well-being and future of our children. With that vision and that commitment we determine the candidacies, convinced and determined to follow the doctrinal line of Patria Querida of what is possible to live better, we will promote the debate and legislative projects that give answers to the sectors that with honesty, perseverance and work take out their families and the country forward every day.

What is your opinion of the current parliamentary performance?

Specifically, at this stage we are absorbed by internalism and the electoral confrontation that leaves us little room to propose solid projects for reactivation, development and basic public policies for key sectors such as health, education and job creation.

What are the lines of work that you propose?

If we think about development, we must work in the conditions to have a predictable and reliable country for investment; debate and legislate how to improve, strengthen or control the execution processes to have a State present in health, quality education and assistance to vulnerable sectors such as grandparents and children;

Work for a system that supports SMEs, entrepreneurs with accessible financial assistance programs, in advice to give added value to their products, that helps them find markets or train in new tools to be able to position and market.

How do you plan to develop these axes from Parliament?

Dialoguing with all sectors, listening to them, searching together for the best solutions, exercising my role as a parliamentary representative, favoring a legislative management agenda over a political agenda.

You usually put emphasis on differentiating a legislative agenda from a political agenda. In practice, how would you implement this?

I point out because it is what I hear from people. I am developing an agenda throughout the country, speaking with the referents of my party in all the Departments and also with the different social, economic, professional, union and neighbor sectors. From everyone I hear that tiredness due to the almost exclusive political agenda that legislators prioritize

You are a candidate for National Senator for a Party that is part of the National Coalition but that in Alto Paraná presented its own list.

Patria Querida Alto Paraná is working intensely for the candidacy for President of Sebastián Villarejo for the National Agreement. In Alto Paraná it has also been working on projects and positioning leadership since the last general elections and the Departmental Leadership considered it opportune to continue working on this line. We are four candidates confirmed by Patria Querida from Alto Paraná.

Taking into account that this is your first campaign, how do you evaluate your position regarding the work you have been developing?

I am very grateful and motivated by the reception in all the Departments where we are agreeing on lines of work and, fundamentally, consolidating teams for a project that is not exhausted in this personal candidacy for national senator, it is projected in the presidential candidacy of Sebastián Villarejo to whom we consider the best profile to lead the country and to continue building spaces for participation throughout the country.

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