Carlos Santana suspende conciertos luego de desmayarse en el escenario

Carlos Santana suspends concerts after fainting on stage

July 10, 2022, 11:53 AM

July 10, 2022, 11:53 AM

After the scare that gave Carlos Santana on Tuesday, when he vanished in the middle of the show, his representatives announced the suspension of the next six concerts of the tour Miraculous Supernatural 2022 “as a precaution for the artist’s health”.

“Carlos is doing well and is looking forward to getting back on stage soon. He just needs to rest,” his representative Michael Vrionis said in a statement. “Doctors have recommended that Mr. Santana rest to make a full recovery,” he added.

In addition, he explained that the suspended concerts are those planned for the American cities Noblesville, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Rogers, Dallas and Woodlands. However, all shows planned on or after July 23 will go ahead as scheduled.

What happened to Santana?

Fans of the Mexican guitarist from 74 years viralized the videos of the concert he gave at the Pine Knob Music Theater in Michigan (USA), when he sought support on a platform before vanishing.

For a few shocking seconds, his colleagues and then doctors run to the musician’s aid. The tension was tremendous, for a moment Santana seems to convulse until finally reacting and drinking some water.

Immediately afterwards, the production of the show displayed a black cloth to cover the shocking image and evacuate Santana on a stretcher.

After several hours of uncertainty, the musician spoke on social networks to reassure his fans.

“To one and all: thank you for your precious prayers. Cindy and I are fine, just taking it slow. I forgot to eat and drink water so I got dehydrated and passed out. Blessings and miracles to all of you,” Santana wrote on his networks.

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