Carlos Santana. Foto: San Diego Union Tribune.

Carlos Santana faints during a concert in Michigan

Famed guitarist Carlos Santana fainted on stage Tuesday during a performance at Pine Knob Music Theater in Michigan, according to multiple media reports and social media posts.

Santana passed out around 10 p.m., but was quickly treated and was seen waving to fans as he was led offstage. Since he did not return, the audience was asked to leave the show. “We were just told to leave the venue, but many are still here, stunned, staring at an almost empty stage,” tweeted Jo-Ann Barnas, a former reporter who was at the concert.

Last December the guitarist, who turns 75 this month, underwent what his management described as an “unscheduled” heart procedure. This caused the postponement of a concert of his in Las Vegas. However, in late March he launched a US tour that has continued ever since.

Tuesday night’s incident took place during Santana’s “Miraculous Supernatural 2022” summer tour with Earth, Wind & Fire, which launched on June 17 and is scheduled to run through the end of August.

The seriousness of the incident is unknown, but footage from the concert showed fans applauding the musician as he was led away.

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