Abuse of tourists in Cartagena: They were charged $250,000 for sitting on a beach

Abuse of tourists in Cartagena: They were charged $250,000 for sitting on a beach

Colombians enjoy go on a trip and get to know the different cultures and landscapes that the country has. However, those walks do not always turn out as expected.

The case of some tourists who wanted to take a break in Cartagena, but they did not count on the fact that they were going to “see their faces” and the outward leg turned out to be more expensive than they thought.

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Febe López, a Colombian, arrived at the north of Colombia to spend his festive bridge with some companions.

Arriving at Playa Blanca they decided sit and spend approximately three hours enjoying the weather and good company. Minutes later they would be surprised by a bill that would leave them breathless.

On Twitter López denounced that she was being charged $250,000 in service fees for sitting on a public beach.

The upset young woman indicated that they threatened her and the people he was with if they don’t pay what they ask for.

Likewise, he indicated that “we negotiate 30 thousand seats + consumption. In the end I found out that the 250,000 was included: 1. Their work, which I don’t know what it was since it lasted 3 hours there. 2. Security (according to surveillance so that no one would steal from us) 3. That they had to pay the garbage man”.

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After making the complaint, several people supported her, but others They thought they should have asked before they got a tremendous surprise.

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