Carlos Payán, founding director of La Jornada, dies at 94

Carlos Payán, founding director of La Jornada, dies at 94

the daythe newspaper he founded, described Payán tonight “as a staunch defender of human rights and social struggles, as well as a great provider of cultural projects.”

“His humanist, supportive formation, commitment to the causes of workers, peasants, and indigenous people, arose from a very young age, when he joined the Communist Party in 1958, at just 29 years of age,” the newspaper detailed.

In addition to being a journalist and writer, Carlos Payán was a senator in the Congress of the Union between September 1997 and August 2000.

Politicians and journalists have lamented the death of Payán in the last few hours:

In December 2018, upon receiving the Belisario Domínguez medal, the journalist Carlos Payán recognized the triumph of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but reminded him that Mexico is a “motley” crowd that would seek to be heard by its government, “whether it is right or not.” .

“That indisputable and great vote marks López Obrador’s strength, but it also marks his weakness. More than half the country gave him his vote, but the country is all of us, everyone is a diverse crowd and each of its members will ask to speak, “he told him at the time.

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