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Carlos Fazio: Doctor Fauci, sociopath at the service of pharmaceutical companies: Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Carlos Fazio: Doctor Fauci, sociopath at the service of pharmaceutical companies: Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Dr. Fauci, sociopath at the service of pharmaceutical companies: Robert F. Kennedy Jr

▲ Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.Photo Ap


n a devastating book rigorously documented, courageous and politically significant, humanist Robert Francis Kennedy Jr portrays the man in charge of handling the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States, Anthony Fauci, as a charlatan interested in millionaire personal businesses, which has served as a hinge between a thorny web of planned global militarization and the monetization of medicine; a process of controlled demolition of US constitutional democracy, which leads to a technocratic-digital totalitarianism and is carried out by the Big Pharma, the financial sector, the oligopolistic tech giants of Silicon Valley and the military-industrial complex, including the intelligence services. In an ideological-intellectual alliance with large media conglomerates, considered some independent me progressive.

According to Kennedy, Dr. Fauci –the most powerful and despotic doctor of mankind– Instead of safeguarding the public health of the US, he turned the National Institutes of Health (NIH) into an incubator for medical products and is the main architect of the institutional capture ( institutional capture) from government agencies, including public health agencies, by oligarchic corporations of the pharmaceutical industry.

He also accuses him that, in association with the billionaire Bill Gates, he participated in the creation of the vaccine gold rush with unethical strategies, using pandemic drills in close collaboration with the Pentagon, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Davos World Economic Forum and major pharmaceutical and media corporations.

The author of The real Anthony Fauci. Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Skyhorse Publishing and Children’s Health Defense) is the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy – assassinated in Dallas, Texas, in 1963 – and belongs to the establishment most privileged in the US. Lawyer and member of the Democratic Party, he has been litigating for four decades in defense of the institutions of the old New Deal Roosevelt and the Bill of Rights ( Bill of Rights) of the Constitution, which are intended to be captured by oligarchic-corporate interests through what he calls sock puppets (” sock puppets”).

Robert Kennedy Jr. knows the ins and outs of the system perfectly. As he claims and describes himself, his father, former US Attorney General and later Senator Robert F. Kennedy, was also assassinated. This one in Los Angeles, California, in 1968, for whom that day he looked after his back: a man who worked for the CIA, Eugene Cesar, who shot him four times at point-blank range. The investigation was carried out by CIA agents operating in Latin America, and before the trial, 2,800 photos collected by the police were destroyed.

According to Kennedy, for more than four decades Fauci has been a agent of the Big Pharma, whose financial framework involves large drug and drug manufacturing companies with state agencies such as the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) -of which Fauci himself has been director since 1984-, which has become a seamless subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry.

His remarks about the power accumulated by Fauci are supported by hard data: the director of the NIAID is the highest paid federal official in the United States, with a salary of 417 thousand 608 dollars a year (the president earns 400 thousand); it handles an annual budget of 6,100 million and obtains another 1,600 million from the Army to carry out research on biological weapons; controls 57 percent of direct and indirect global biomedical funding through NIH, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Wellcome Trust, and therefore controls scientists who seek funding for their research; owns 57 vaccine patents. In addition, Fauci and other officials receive up to $ 150,000 annually in royalty payments for products they help develop and for the execution of the approval project.

In his documented investigation, Kennedy accuses the leading propagandist and peddler of Covid-19 vaccines of Deep state, of having followed unethical strategies since the beginning of the so-called corona pandemic, from the obstruction of early treatments to the promotion of two deadly remedies: ventilators and remdesivir Gilead Labs, as pharmaceutical profits and bureaucratic powers grew and public health declined. The remdesivir, with a catastrophic safety profile, and where the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has a large stake, it costs $ 3,000 per treatment.

In conjunction with his partner Bill Gates – and to corner Americans towards the injection for Covid as a single solution – Fauci did not invest a dollar to study or promote early treatment with combinations of drugs that could dramatically reduce deaths and hospitalizations, suppressing, sabotaging and making war on cheaper and non-toxic competitive prophylactics, such as, among others, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, zinc and intravenous vitamins D and C, available on the market.

Simultaneously, in an assault on the US First Amendment guarantee of free speech, Fauci and allied media corporations censored criticism of their policies on major social media and collaborated to silence any medical information about therapies and treatments that could end the pandemic and compete with injections and vaccines (See: Zelenko Treatment; Association of American Physicians and Surgeons; FLCCC Alliance, etc.).

As Kennedy refers to in his work, in 2000, Fauci met with Gates, who asked him to partner with the National Institutes of Health to inoculate the world with a battery of new vaccines. In 2009, that agreement was renamed The Decade of Vaccines, whose objective was to implement the mandatory vaccination of all children and adults on the planet by 2020. And since 2016, that went hand in hand with the ID2020 Alliance for universal digital identification, sponsored by the global alliance for vaccination GAVI (Fundación Gates), Microsoft and Accenture, in association with the UN.

In his book, Kennedy affirms that Bill Gates’ so-called philanthropic capitalism is used by the tycoon to accumulate money: he has a foundation in which he hid 50 billion dollars free of taxes, money that he uses to control public health agencies in the US and the World Health Organization, which allows it to establish medical, pharmaceutical and public health policies worldwide, maximizing the benefits of its participation in large companies in the field.

Lethal experiments with children

However, Gates did not draw Fauci to the dark side of this story. He had already spent decades playing with people’s lives and sacrificing public health for profit. In particular, Kennedy exposes Fauci’s role in the HIV epidemic in the 1980s; built the NIAID around an AIDS drug called azidothymidine (AZT), a chemotherapy drug so toxic it killed rats. The inventor deemed it unsafe for human use and did not patent it. But Fauci teamed up with him and sped up his regulation by cheating in clinical trials.

According to the magazine SPIN, the AZT it was worse than the disease and it killed faster than the natural progression of AIDS if left untreated. AZT had been a discarded cancer drug due to its fatal toxicity, resurrected with AIDS patients on the pretext that they were going to die anyway. Fauci sabotaged alternative treatments, and AZT was the most expensive drug ever: $ 10,000 for a one-year supply (it cost $ 5 per dose to make); killed about 330 thousand people.

Kennedy also exhibits technocrat Fauci’s experiments with toxic AIDS drugs on black and Hispanic foster children at the Incarnation Children’s Center in New York. At least 85 died, but the number could reach 1,000. Kennedy writes: “What dark trend is found in Dr. Fauci that allowed him to monitor and then cover up the atrocities at the Incarnation Children’s Center? Do you assume that the suffering and death of children are acceptable collateral damage in your ‘noble’ pursuit of public health innovations? At worst, he is a sociopath who has taken science to the scale of sadism. “

Kennedy draws comparisons with Fauci’s recommendation to use remdesivir to treat Covid-19. He says he copied the strategy for obtaining authorization for emergency use that he used in the case of AIDS and that he repeated throughout his career to obtain approvals of ineffective and deadly drugs, and although he made a lot of money from AZT, he did not know. You can compare it to Pfizer’s earnings with its anti-Covid shot: $ 35 billion in 2021. And unlike AZT, Pfizer is absolutely risk-free and can never be sued for injuries or deaths.

Fauci, Kennedy asserts, has been a key figure in pandemic planning, and not precisely in how to prevent one but in how to create it. He adds: “The pandemics have been dramatized and turned out to be a complete fraud (…), Fauci and Gates took the lessons of other false pandemics and transferred it to the coronavirus. I want to make it clear that I am not saying that the coronavirus is not a pandemic or that it does not kill many people. It does. But we have all been manipulated by the exaggeration of the cases, the deaths and the obscurantism of the data ”. In Chapter 12, Kennedy documents nearly two dozen pandemic drills of biosecurity, the most recent being Event 201 of October 19, 2019; all with the participation of intelligence agencies. All raised how to establish states of exception as a remedy to face the simulated threat.

According to Kennedy, Fauci’s only metric is: How many vaccines have we given? How many drugs have we sold? How many commissions are we receiving? As he explains in the book, the NIAID has become an incubator for the pharmaceutical industry. It also states that “between 70 and 90 percent of deaths and hospitalizations due to Covid could have been avoided and there are studies that support this. However, it prohibits people from doing it. He’s a sociopath … “

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