Carlos Capa's gang gunned down a policeman

Carlos Capa’s gang gunned down a policeman

A police official from the Rafael Urdaneta (Cúa) municipality, Miranda, was riddled with several firearms, according to versions obtained from the security agency.

The homicide occurred this Friday morning when officer Erick Flores was outside his residence located in the San Pablo sector, Mellado street, Ocumare del Tuy (Miranda).

Six individuals on motorcycles arrived at the aforementioned site and began shooting Flores to death at the site. The gunmen are members of the criminal organization founded by Deiber Johan González (35) alias Carlos Capa that operates in the Valles del Tuy.

Once the criminals committed the homicide, they took the police officer’s regulation weapon: a Beretta pistol, serial J15002Z, fitted with a charger.

Neighbors gave part to the authorities and the place appeared in uniform to protect the site of the event.

Cicpc agents lifted the body and collected 13 9mm caliber shells from the site, three partially deformed projectiles, three 5.56 caliber shells, one 45 caliber shell and one 762×39 caliber bullet. From there it is presumed that he was shot by several firearms.

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