Carlos Abadía describes as an ‘irrespectful act’ waiting for the ILO report on the situation of the CSS

The general director of the Caja de Seguro (CSS), Enrique Lau, indicated that to date, the Dialogue for the CSS remains in recess, since they are waiting for the International Labor Organization (ILO), send the actuarial studies they are doing.

Given this, the former Vice Minister of Health and former director of the CSS, Carlos Abadía, described this waiting for the report as an “irrespective act, being a very serious situation for the 4 million Panamanians.”

He stressed that this is no longer a problem of retirees and pensioners only, it is a problem of the country, since there will be no money to pay pensions.

“To those who are on the way to retire, there will be no retirement and they will not work until the day before, that will not happen. The State is going to have to get that money, only that money does not exist and if it did exist, it is not fair that for 300,000 pensioners, we sacrifice 4 million Panamanians,” Abadía said.

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