Carla García: Patacón is an environmental disaster right now

With the serious problem of garbage collection in the capital city, the governor of Panama, Carla García, said on Radio Panama that the “Cleaning my Neighborhood” operation will continue this month of December, although she considers that adjustments must be made with the issue of patacón hill in order to have better access to this landfill.

“There are different situations that must be addressed, I must comment that this new administration, which is approximately two months old, has made some adjustments and adjustments to the landfill, Cerro Patacón was collapsed, Patacón is an environmental disaster at the moment and there has been intervention to be able to have better access to the landfill, the front where the trucks dispose of the garbage, only one truck could do it at a time, now it has been expanded so that five trucks can dump their waste in the tub at a time and this has helped a lot , today in one hour it is possible for the trucks to enter the dump and leave again”, said García

In the corregimientos of Calidonia, Curundú, Chorrillo and Santa Ana, a total of 330 tons of garbage were collected in 4 days and in the corregimiento of Chilibre, 117 tons were collected in 2 days, while last Saturday in Alcalde Díaz 60 were collected. tons and this week the operation cleaning my neighborhood will be in the village of Don Bosco.

For the governor, it is important that the population do their part when it comes to throwing away their garbage in their communities. people dispose of their garbage on the days that the trucks pass, all this is a process that has not been easy but work is being done on all of this, “García concluded.

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