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Careless workers do their thing in Caacupé: they arrest 4 women and recover 21 cell phones

Four women who were engaged in committing theft in places with a large concentration of people They were arrested this Sunday in the downtown area of ​​Caacupé.

They were identified as Mirta Elena Barrientos48 years old; Andrea Beatriz Velazquez Maldonado31 years old; Lucia Flora Velazquez Maldonado, 41 years old; Y Mirta Lorena Barrientos, 41 years old. These last two count with several criminal records for theft and aggravated robbery.

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The deputy commissioner Edgardo Acosta commented to the C9N channel that they managed to arrest these neglecters through work carried out by intelligence personnel that was bet in different points of Villa Serrana.

In their power a total of 21 cell phones were recovered that they would have been stolen from several parishioners who came this Sunday to participate in the morning mass in the Basilica of Caacupé.

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Women take advantage of the massive turnout and crowds of people so much in the vicinity of the temple as in the Tupasy Ykua area to commit his blows, he said.

The police chief advised those people who plan to go to Caacupé during the novena Take special care with your bags and purses. placing them to the front in order to avoid being a victim of carelessness.

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